The Perfect Snowy Day in Pocahontas

POCAHONTAS (KAIT) - The snow began in earnest around eleven Thursday morning, quickly covering grass and parking lots. Cold temperatures and the snow quickly turned the roads hazardous.

Scott Baltz, Pocahontas Fire Chief said they responded to many accidents on the local highways but gave no reports of injuries. What local law enforcement was trying to do was get people home quickly and safely.

Even with the bad roads people still had to eat. Dallas Carlisle of Ozark Mountain BBQ said they cranked up the four-wheel drives and made numerous deliveries, "Keep on selling BBQ"

The great thing about the snow Thursday was that it was perfect for making snowmen. Tammy Reed and her son Steven were out trying to build a man so we stopped off to roll snow balls and engage in a snowy game of catch.  Down the street we were heavily engaged in snowball combat with a group of neighborhood kids.

A wintry day in Lawrence County but to newly arrived Wisconsin native Melissa Alberts it was a sunny day in the park. She said in Wisconsin this time of year was wind chill minus forty with a foot and a half of snow..

Believe I'll pass on a trip North in the Wintertime.