City Street Departments Step it Up for Winter Weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- After Thursday's blast of winter weather the Jonesboro Street Department is still working to make sure roads are clear.

"We're doing touchup.  If someone calls and says there's a slick spot here we try to get it before an accident happens," said Street Department employee Guy Dyer.

When the snow started falling city street departments came to the rescue.

"There's usually two twelve hour shifts when the roads are bad, that way we keep everybody covered and keep the roads safe," said Dyer.

"We're on call.  We're here to serve the citizens of Jonesboro.  We're in touch with dispatch and emergency services and we just do our best to keep the roads clear," said Street Superintendent Tony Davis.

Depending on what time the ice and snow starts falling determines where the crews start.

"If it's in the morning time we come from the outside into the city and if it hits in the daytime or evening we concentrate from the inside the city working outside," said Davis.

In fact, there are five areas for drivers and each driver is familiar with the route they take.

"We hit the bridges schools and hospitals and try to keep traffic flowing as best we can," said Davis.

But there are often false alarms, when winter weather is in the forecast but it doesn't always happen.

"If it does or it doesn't we're going to be ready to cover it," said Dyer.

"It's better to have and not need than need and not have any time the meteorologist is calling for snow, we're prepared," said Davis.

But just because these guys are out there in trucks like these doesn't mean they're immune to the side effects of winter weather.

"A lot of times we're sliding too, but we're trying to keep it safe for others," said Dyer.

Over the past ten years the state of Arkansas has spent an average of $3.8 million a year.