Sage Meadows Neighbors Fight Planned Retirement Community


Some people who live in the Sage Meadows neighborhood in North Jonesboro are concerned a nearby rezoning request, if granted by the city, could make their property less valuable.

Brian Umberson is the spokesperson for the opposition group to the Double Hill, LLC development.

He says rezoning the 31 acre plot from residential to anything else could leave the door open for it to morph into something other than what it's planned to be ... a retirement community.

"They could change at any point and change to completely different housing, which we have no control over and this is just going to be just a few hundred yards off our development," said Umberson.

Umberson's lived in the Sage Meadows subdivision for more than a year now. He, along with some of his neighbors, say they're worried the retirement community could, one day, turn into an assisted living facility, but the developer's lawyer says that's not going to happen.

"It is going to be strictly independent retirement living," said Don Parker, of Mixon, Parker & Hurst PLC. "There will be no assisted living involved in this project."

Another concern for those who oppose the project is flooding.

Umberson says if the development becomes anything other than what it's planned to be it could make the neighborhood's already bad flooding problems even worse.

"We have drainage issues all over this town that have proven to everyone in this town that we need to do a better job controlling our drainage," he said. "We are adamantly opposed to that being zoned anything other than R-1 because of the issues that allow them to develop that and put more strain on the infrastructure."

The developer says under their current plan the construction of detention ponds would not only protect the development but also the surrounding neighborhoods along Peachtree Rd. and Sage Meadows.

"The drainage that is planned in the property that's being rezoned will have over three acres of lakes, which will more than handle all the surface runoff from this development," said Parker.

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