Nickel Neuter Clinic Helps Control Region 8's Pet Population

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- As part of the "Get Jonesboro Fixed" campaign, the Northeast Arkansans for Animals hosted a nickel neuter clinic Saturday.  It was a chance for disabled, low income or elderly pet owners to have their male cats neutered...all in an attempt to control Region 8's pet population.

"We sure don't need any more kittens around," said pet owner Robin Anderson, "There are so many cats around lose in Jonesboro now and there are more all the time and if we get some of these cats fixed so that they won't get with the females then we won't have as many kitties."

Anderson's cat was just one of nearly sixty male cats that found themselves getting more than just a check up on Saturday.

"One male cat can get with a lot of females, so getting the males done is also important. Also neutering your can will also help it live longer. There is no chance of testicular cancer, so it's not only a benefit to the community, but it's a benefit to the cat," said Wannda Turner of Northeast Arkansans for Animals.

NAFA members are working to finish their spay and neutering clinic...trying to raise more than $17,000.

"We're hoping, while the nickel didn't even come close to paying for the cost of the neutering, we're hoping it will bring to light that we are trying to finish a low cost spay neuter unit," said Turner.

With 70,000 puppies and kittens born every day, turner says it's impossible to find homes for all those animals.

"If everybody got on the bandwagon and worked at getting their animals spayed and neutered, the animals would be happier and the community would be much better off," said Turner.

And while most of the cats woke up a little groggy and sore... Veterinarian Dr. Jack Jones believes they will be better off in the long run.

"My patients do not always appreciate what I have to do for them, I understand that," laughed Dr. Jones.

Each cat today also received rabies and an antibiotic shot.  NAFA hopes to provide the clinic again sometime in March.