Updated: Mitchell Johnson Arrested Again


Johnson was arrested Saturday night at his employer in Bentonville.

Police were on the scene investigating the use of a fraudulent credit card, but what their investigation turned up was more marijuana on Johnson.

Now, just a week after his federal trial, he's back behind bars and back in the spotlight.

Meanwhile, his presentencing report is being prepared for review in a couple of months, so could his actions now have an affect on the judges decision?

"Anything that occurs during that time period will be considered by the court in determining what the sentence, what the appropriate sentence should be," said Prosecuting Attorney Brent Davis.

However, with Johnson's connection to the Westside shootings being wiped from his record, the charges are still only minor in the grand scheme of things.

"What he has going into that federal trial, and what he has with this most recent arrest is a fairly moderate and fairly minimal past criminal history, as far as the legal system is concerned," said Davis.

But to those like Suzann Wilson, who's daughter Brittney Varner was killed in the 1998 shootings, Johnson's recent actions are about more than just a conviction.

"I look at him and I wonder what my daughter would look like.  I wonder what she would look like if she was alive.  I look at him and think, he chose to stop her life at 11 years," said Wilson.

Now at 23, Johnson has gotten what you could call a second chance, but it's there where his actions hurt victims and their families the most.

"If he was wise, he would have moved on with his life, and moved to a different area.  He chose to kind of force this down everybody's throat," said Varner.

Johnson appeared before a Bentonville judge earlier this morning where his bond was revoked at least until tomorrow.

I'm told this comes as a result of holds on Johnson, which likely spawn from his conviction last week.

He is already facing up to ten years in prison for his federal conviction.

We're told possession of a controlled substance typically only carries a penalty of around one year in jail and up to a thousand dollar fine.

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BENTONVILLE, AR (KAIT) - UPDATE:  We are now told by the Benton County Jail administration that Johnson is being held without bond until at least Tuesday.  A Bentonville judge ordered this due to holds on Johnson's record, likely tied to his Tuesday conviction on Federal weapons and drug charges.

In a statement by the Bentonville Police Department we are told officers were investigating the theft and fraudulent use of a credit card at a convenience store where Johnson was employed.

During the investigation, Johnson was found to be in possession of a small quantity of suspected marijuana.

He was arrested and transported to the Benton County Jail for a probably cause and bond hearing this morning on the charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance (Class A Misdemeanor).

We are told the theft and fraudulent use of a credit card report that resulted in the arrest are still under investigation.

Johnson's arrest Saturday night comes just five days after his conviction by a Federal Jury in Fayetteville.

And tonight at six, for the first time, one of the mothers of the Westside School shootings is speaking out about the recent charges and her thoughts about Johnson's recent run-in's with the law.  Plus I'll break down the charges and what it could mean to his future and the sentencing process.

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BENTONVILLE (KAIT)-  Mitchell Johnson was arrested again over the weekend for possession of more drugs.

We are told by the Bentonville Police Chief that Johnson was arrested Saturday night while police were investigating another incident.

Johnson who is currently awaiting his sentence for a conviction on Federal Drugs and Weapons charges was working at a Fast Trip gas station in Bentonville.

Police were at the store investigating the use of a fraudulent credit card at the location, which Johnson was NOT connected to.

However, while we are not sure why, Johnson was searched and police found more marijuana in his pocket.  He was arrested on the scene.

Johnson is currently in jail awaiting a bond hearing set for early Monday morning.

The arrest came just five days after his federal trial and conviction in Fayetteville.

I am tracking this story, as it is still unfolding.  I will be posting the latest information on this story as soon as I can get more details.

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