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We're set to see some rainfall over the next two days.  They probably won't begin today until later.  Chris Castleman will have the details on Good Morning Region 8.

Developing news from Bentonville, as Mitchell Johnson is arrested again for possession of more drugs!  Police were investigating another incident Saturday night when Johnson was searched, for some unknown reason.  Police found marijuana in his pocket and placed him under arrest, according to reports.  This is five days out of him being convicted in a federal trial in Fayetteville.  Region 8's Will Carter is tracking the details and will have more later in the day.

Residents of Sage Meadows in North Jonesboro are battling a rezoning request that they fear could make property near their home less valuable.  A 31 acre polot is the subject of the concern.  It is planned to be a retirement community but opponents fear it could become something entirely different, which might lead to less demand for property in the area and lower value.

A development in the Natalie Holloway case may finally lead to closure for the family still asking "what happened" years after Natalie's disappearance.  A journalist says he recorded Joran Van Der Sloot (the prime suspect for the majority of the time since Natalie vanished) confessing that he was involved with her disappearance.  Aruba authorities are taking him seriously enough to reopen the case.  The journalist who made these claims will be on Good Morning America today, following Good Morning Region 8.

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You already know who won the Superbowl, right?  Well, in case you missed part of the game, we will show you exactly how it unfolded in Arizona.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, which means Arkansas will get it's say in the Presidential race.  But so will over 20 other states.  We have a preview.

Coughing, sneezing and wheezing are just a few of the things you may be around more, as the flu is on the rise in Region 8.  We'll tell you why.

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