Super Tuesday Could Bring Storms to Region 8

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Severe thunderstorms are forecast for Arkansas today, including a chance that some of the storms will include supercells or tornadoes.

The National Weather Service says yesterday's balmy temperatures will continue today until a cold front moves through, and will eventually give way to temperatures in the 20s by tomorrow night.

Originally, the forecast had most of the state under a slight risk of severe weather.  But updated data led forecasters to warn of a moderate risk.  The cold front slowed down, giving the indication that it would take longer across Arkansas and thus increase the chances for violent weather.

National Weather Service forecaster Nelson de Villers says supercell thunderstorms and strong tornadoes are among the possible threats for today.  Also, a squall line could form, increasing the chances of damaging winds.

Much of the state is listed is listed as having a 100 percent chance of thunderstorms during the day today, when Arkansas holds its presidential primaries.

The forecasts predicted lows early today would be in the 50s and lower 60s.  The weather service said that, after the cold front has passed through, low temperatures early tomorrow should be in the 30s, followed by lows in the 20s early Thursday morning.

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