Super Tuesday In Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Voters in Region 8 made a good showing on Super Tuesday.  When the doors opened in Jonesboro Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. there were already people waiting outside to cast their votes.  No matter who they are voting for, citizens across Region 8 are making their way to their local voting booths to cast their ballots.

"Vote for whoever they think is going to be the best President but I don't know.  It's going to be really tight and it would be hard to say right now who's going to win it," said voter John Mello.

There are dark clouds hanging over this election.

"The weather might have some impact on that, I hope not.  I hope people come out and vote regardless of the weather," said Mello.

"I certainly hope not.  It wouldn't affect me so I hope the weather doesn't discourage people from coming out and voting," said voter Emily Rodgers.

In fact, there are some that made it a point to come early to beat the bad weather.

"The weather and the fact that I'm going to work from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.," said voter Norma Pew.

"At the polls they're doing really well.  When I went to vote this morning I walked right in no problems whatsoever," said Craighead County Clerk Nancy Nelms.

The only problem they've had so far in this election is that a few of the people that moved in the last year didn't find out which precinct they're supposed to vote in and that's caused just a little bit of confusion at different polling sites.

The time voters are spending at the polling sites is shorter this year.

"Probably fifteen minutes but have your I.D. with you and know what you want when you go in there," said Nelms.

"It was quick.  It was real quick.  I thought there would be a line but its pretty early yet," said voter Roger Barnhill.

"It went fast.  It was easy.  I did the machine instead of the paper ballot.  It was self explanatory," said Rodgers.

"It was just painless with no waiting in line.  I voted electronically and it was very easy," said voter Betty Gibson.

Every election has its minor problems and this election is no different, but county clerks across Region 8 say the day seems to be going very smoothly.

Craighead County Clerk Nancy Nelms said early voting numbers were very strong in this election with over 1,000 people voting on the last day of early voting.