Super Tuesday Damage Reports from Region 8


Damage reports from across Region 8.

    - Ash Flat - Reports of U.S. 167 closed south of Ash Flat due to trees and powerlines on the highway
    - Ash Flat - 4 to 5 houses damaged on Hwy. 354 east of Ash Flat
    - Highland - Highland Fire Department  building destroyed. 
    - Highland - State police are reporting damage at Highland. 
    -Cherokee Village - Church, businesses destroyed.
    - Report from Highland viewer:
    I am reporting damage in Highland area, as most have heard Power lines are down everywhere, Highland was hit just across the street of the High School and continued up 167 62/412 leveling just about everything. If it wasn't leveled it is severely damaged. School was canceled. Highland has almost nothing left, and that is where the movie theater Highland Cinema, Rebel Time out pizza restaurant, Alco, The Wing Shack, KFC and Taco Bell, Highland Baptist Church, and many other businesses are gone. Virtually you name it in Highland it is probably gone, or damaged. There are cars totaled everywhere, inside businesses. The steeeple off Highland baptist Church is on the other side of the road. Thankfully God was watching over Highland and nobody lost their life.  
    - Floral - Chicken house destroyed.
    - Cabot - Trees down and power out.
    - Maynard - Roofs blown off of houses
    - Report from Dalton
    I have been watching KAIT and even our local radio station KPOC and have yet to hear of any reports of damage to the Dalton Community located in Northwest Randolph County.  There was significant damage to power poles and lines.  Heavy damage to a very large house probably valued at $500,000.  Debris from the house litters our farmland up to 3/4 of a mile from the house, and this is just what we could see in the dark last night.  The community really came together and checked on neighbors.  The people in the house were not harmed.  I can only imagine what it looks like in the daylight.
    - Jonesboro - Power outages in Jonesboro.
    -Mountain View - Reports of at least 1 death.
    -Report from Mountain View eye witness Eric Richardson:
    My name is Eric Richardson and my parents live in Mountain View.  I live
    in Tuckerman and was unable to contact them after the storms, so I went
    with my brother and a friend to Mountain View to check on my parents and
    see how the damage was.

     From what we could tell, the tornado came into town near the
    intersection of Shipman Road and South Bayou Drive and passed through
    the intersection of Highways 5 and 14 near the high school and
    hospital.  We saw several homes destroyed and power lines down both on
    South Bayou and the 5/14 intersection, along with damage to several
    business and the hospital.  One person reported (unofficially) that part
    of the hospital's roof was damaged and that they were having to evacuate
    some of the residents. I was unable to see the high school, but I would
    imagine that there had to have been some damage done to the area near
    the football field. There is also a Chevrolet dealership at the 5/14
    intersection which had extensive damage to the building and many of the
    vehicles on the lot.

    The entire area was a mess.  There were many trees down and debris
    strewn about; I'm sure there is much more damage than what we were able
    to see from the highway.  I would expect the town to be out of power for
    a while and it is also worth mentioning that we were unable to get a
    cell signal as well.  Here is a link which shows the areas and highways
    I mentioned in case you are unfamiliar with the territory.  Shipman Road
    and South Bayou are on the south west corner of the map.,+ar&ie=UTF8&ll=35.851735,-92.085128&spn=0.024593,0.039825&t=h&z=15&om=0
    -Sage - House destroyed
    -Zion - Multiple structures destroyed, 3/4 of the town leveled according to eyewitness reports.  One death reported in Zion.

Region 8 News crews are spread across the area getting the latest on the severe weather.  We will have that for you on and on Region 8 News at Ten as well as clean-up tomorrow on Good Morning Region 8.  To report damage, click here.