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Two Suspects Steal Two Computers

   Two suspects, one stolen computer for each of them. Here they are, caught coming in the front door of the Parker Road Wal-Mart. Here they are in action. They head straight to electronics where he picks out a $700 HP computer. At this point, Wal-Mart security and JPD say that they take the computer to automotive where they take the computer out of the box and cut off the serial number. Later, they come back and snag another $700 laptop. This time, they take the computer into the garden center. This is where police say they took out the computer and removed the serial number again. Notice when they leave there's no computer in the cart. Security thinks the computers are in her large purse. Take one more look at our suspects, if you know who they are, call Crimestoppers, right now, 935-STOP.

We got ourselves a Billy Ray and a guy born on Valentine's Day. Here's Billy Ray Davis. If you know him, you may want to tell him to get down to JPD and take care of his 17 warrants. He has 11 non-payment of fines and 6 revocation of probation warrants out of JPD.

Randall D. Denney turns 32 on Valentine's Day. In lieu of a box of chocolates, he may want to spend his money paying off his warrants. He has 6 non-payment of fines and 4 public service warrants. Here's one last look at Billy Ray Davis and Randall Denney. If you know where to find them, let JPD know and get some cash. Call Crimestoppers right now, 935-STOP. When you call, you'll get a tip number. Keep it! then, watch Crimestoppers every week. If you see me give your suspect the stamp, call or email Sgt. Steve McDaniel at JPD and give him that tip number, he'll tell you how to get your cash. That's how you stay anonymous. Give 'em a call. And remember, when you see crime, call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP.

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