On the Scene Images of Highland Destruction


"Miss Judy opened up the drive-through window 'cause we had a customer drive up to the window.  And she asked me is that the sound you were talking about?  I said yeah that's the freight train it's time to get down.  And she hollered for everyone to get in the walk in and as many of us that could fit got in the walk in an everybody else got close in the middle part of the store."  Cheryl Hurst, someone who managed to stay safe during the storm, said.

The storm hit around seven.  It hit hard and fast.

"Next thing we knew things were flying around and the walk in felt like it moved and then it was over.  We walked out of the walk in and we walked out of the store."  explains Cheryl.

It's hard to imagine by looking at the destruction of the restaurant how everybody simply walked away with just a few bruises.

Cars are smashed into the building and laying practically where the workers and customers were hiding.

Cheryl, "Where the little car is sitting up against the building we were in the building at the back end of the car.  And that's a walk in cooler and we figured it was the sturdiest part of the building, yeah that helped."

As we drove around Highland, the signs of destruction were everywhere.  A fire truck returning to it's no longer standing station; A former car lot smashed and the Timberline restaurant stripped of walls and it's sign toppled by the winds.

A semi truck was blown onto it's side the driver taken to a local hospital, possibly the only severe injury of the evening and his injuries were not life-threatening.

Crews will work through the night to restore power and with the dawn will come the true sights of destruction.