Willett Announces Candidacy


If you live in Jonesboro and made your way to a voting site on Tuesday, you may have noticed signs for the mayoral race.

While that race is several months away, Jonesboro native Jason Willet announced he will run for Mayor.

This comes after current Mayor Doug Formon announced he will not seek re-election.

Jason Willet, "We need someone who's really going to come in here and bring the council and administration together and so I am looking forward to bringing my experience working on the federal, state and local level to that position."

That position is Mayor of Jonesboro and 36 year old Jason Willett says he's the man to take the reigns and lead this growing city.

He says the area's economic development will be a focal point of his candidacy.

"We're very proud of the food industry for Jonesboro and Craighead County and for the region, but without a doubt it's only going to take you so far and while we want to sustain that business we've got to be ready as a mayor and as a city to be able to reach out and work not only for our community here and region here on how we are going to bring in that next industry."  adds the new mayorial candidate.

In 2005, Willett was elected chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas.

He's worked for then Congresswoman Blanche Lincoln and Congressman Marion Berry.

He says his experience working for the federal, state and local government has armed him with the knowledge he needs to be a productive mayor.

"The job of mayor is to bring home pork.  We have needs that needed to be funded in our community." says Willett.

Willett says he wants to work with the council and looks forward to discussions on ideas that will benefit the city but he adds that personal agendas need to be left at the door.

"I feel like if we all do that, the voters will make their decisions and they'll put the people in the elected office that deserve to be there."

The mayoral race will be held in November.