Governor Beebe Touring State's Tornado Damage

ATKINS, AR - Governor Beebe this morning toured tornado damage in Atkins.  While going through the Arkansas River town, the governor said tornadoes are "arbitrary and random.  You just never know."

Beebe stopped at one home south of town that had been destroyed.  The family had salvaged some items: a photo of Elvis Presley and a wind-ripped Bible that was opened to 2nd Corinthians.  A ceramic portrayal of the Last Supper sat on the ground nearby; Jesus' head was missing.

The governor was visibly struck by what he saw.  He said President Bush and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had offered help, but Beebe was in the air when the call came in.

Later this morning, Beebe plans to visit Clinton.

Tornadoes Tuesday killed 13 in Arkansas, including a family of three at Atkins.

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