The Aftermath of the Severe Storms in Izard County

IZARD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - "My feet didn't no more hit the floor down there and I heard something go 'whoosh' and I heard that boy say, 'listen to that wind.'  And I said 'son that's not wind' and it went to thumpin.   It was over everything was gone."

Those are the words of Bobby Johnson, who adds that it was over seemingly as quick as it began.  But in those few moments, everything he and his family had was gone.

One of the most amazing things we saw was Hummer belonging to Johnson's son.  It was thrown and rolled about half a mile from it's garage.

"And it picked it up and threw it down there.  It rolled it about three or four five flips.  It went to rolling this way and then that away and that's where it landed."

Johnson crammed nearly a dozen people into this small storm celler.  He had just ducked back inside when the tornado hit.

"It took the celler door and tore it off.  And I got about six inches of concrete on the top of the celler.  And it was vibrating so bad that concrete over our head were falling in."

Along with the Johnson family house, the rest of Zion is nearly gone.  Leaving only rubble.

"Nature's fury is evident as where I'm standing used to be the site where three trailer houses were located.  There's nothing left now but assorted trash and a couple of the family dogs still hiding under the steps."

Izard County Judge Rayburn Finley surveyed the damage today.  He and the sheriffs department had spent the evening digging out.

"It's been a bad night 'bout all I can say.  I mean, you can look around in the area here what it looks like this is just a portion of it just right here what we can see."