The Aftermath of the Severe Storms in Sharp County

SHARP COUNTY (KAIT) - The Krispy Cone doesn't have any any customers in it but it has three cars hanging out.  The store is also totally destroyed.  And yet, someone survived inside by sticking the storm out in a cooler.

Stories like these are the word in Sharp County, where everyone has been affected by the storms.

"It destroyed about every business there is in this town." said one Highland resident.  Another was just fortunate that the damage was minimal to human lives.

Another survivor, Matt Coggins, made it out of the "Cone" by holding out inside of the large cooler in the store.  Coggins said as he looked up from inside, he could see the roof literally being pulled off the top of the store.

And a storm like this could have lasting results on a town like Highland, where the population is just 986.  There is only one restaurant left, no fast food establishments and only a handful of businesses.  The rest is just debris.

Witnesses inside of Taco Bell say it looked like a can opener had pulled the roof off.  Business owners also expressed concern for the people who would be without jobs due to the destroyed establishments.

State police are encouraging citizens to avoid "sight-seeing" the destruction, as people could get in the way of their efforts.  The Mayor of the town also imposed a 7 p.m. curfew.