The Aftermath of the Severe Storms in Shelby County

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (KAIT) - Janice Daniels was hiding in the bathroom when a tornado blew through her home on Oak Creek Cove.

"Nobody got hurt on the block; we were really blessed." said Daniels.

She was among the many victims cleaning up after a twister cut a path through their neighborhood just off Kirby Parkway.

George Purdy lost half his roof.

"You know now we have to put it all back together.  I can from my roof look into my closet my storage room my bedroom the ceiling turned loose after so much water."  said Purdy.

It's as if the tornado left the Hickory Ridge Mall and headed straight for these streets.  On Ivy Meadows trees were uprooted, cracked into pieces.  Broken limbs flew from one neighbors yard to the other.  The winds busted out windows on Vickie and Brian Bartlett's home.

"The glass went throughout the upstairs of the house and debris from the street just came in side the home" added Vickie Bartlett.

After the storm, it didn't take long for victims to realize how much worse it could have been.

"Everyone is trying to take care of each other, make sure everyone is safe."  Brian Bartlett said.

Wednesday morning, neighbors were helping neighbors with the clean up. It will be some time before they're lives are back to normal. But the fact that they lived through it is what matters most.

"I thank the Lord that I'm alive that's the key here you know this is just a house, you can always get some place to live."  exclaimed Janice Daniels, a storm victim.

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