Pack-a-Pick Up to Help Those In Need

REGION 8 (KAIT) - Tim Ingram, KAIT Vice-President and General Manager, "We've got people going to bed tonight without heat in their homes, everything they owned is blown away."

That's why KAIT, along with the Triple FM Radio Group, are joining forces in their Pack the Pickup tornado relief drive.

Trey Stafford, Triple FM General Manager, "It's happened in the past where we see a need, we meet it and the people of Region 8 respond and we are basically a vehicle to help them do that."

Speaking of vehicles, there are expected to be plenty hitting the road Friday evening, most donated by local car dealerships.

They will head out of town and into some of the hardest hit areas of Arkansas, including Sharp, Izard and Stone Counties, which saw widescale devestation.

Devestation described by one victim in a chilling way, "I looked out here and everything was gone out the front window and of course we didn't have any electricity."

Her story is like so many others in these tornado-striken areas of Arkansas.  They're in need of the most basic, everyday items, including:

  • Money
  • Blankets
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Baby products
  • Tarps

All items that you can collect and drop off to help these storm victims as they piece together their lives.

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