Man Dies in Farm Accident

JONESBORO, AR - An elderly man was killed in a farm accident this afternoon in western Craighead County.

Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann identified the victim as 78-year-old Byron Cole.  Emergency responders were dispatched to Cole's farm and residence at 433 County Road 149, off Arkansas 91, around 1 p.m.  McCann said Cole had been working inside the grain bin, which held corn, since around 11 a.m.  A co-worker told emergency responders that he witnessed Cole occasionally sticking his head out of the bin for fresh air, but when he checked back on Cole shortly before 1, he could not find him, and figured that the corn had collapsed around him.

Members of the Bono Fire Department cut holes in the bin in order to get air to the victim, but to no avail.  Sheriff's deputies and paramedics with Emerson Ambulance also responded to the accident.