A Closer Look at the Izard County Destruction

IZARD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -  The fury of the tornado that ripped across Region 8 Wednesday night left behind numerous reminders of how savage nature can be.

A steel sign post, snapped off at ground level and fence posts bent like wire hangers.  A horse trailer was picked up and tossed aside like a child's broken toy.

While electric crews work to restore power back to the small communities of Sage and Zion in Izard County.  We visited with Frances Davidson who hid from the storm in her hallway while her house disintigrated around her.

"And I heard this roar and covered my head real tight.  And I heard things flyin and rocks a comin and then all of a sudden it stopped.  It wasn't very long." said Davidson.

The tornado skipped back and forth across highway 289 aiming right at Zion, uprooting trees and destroying houses as it moved north.

Izard County Judge Rayburn Finley had been surveying the damage when we caught up with him at Zion.  He spoke of the damage and the fatalities in the area.

Judge Finley, "Got a lot of houses back toward the Melbourne area over here that's damaged and then we got several back toward Melbourne in that area that's damaged.  I think we've been lucky as far as fatalities.  Just maybe the two. Right now, we're trying to get the electricity back on.  The power people are working at it."

As of Thursday afternoon, county officials told me that the power has still not been restored to Sage, Zion and Rose Trail Point.

For now, the townspeople are helping each other to dig out .

As one said, "The community effort and all over the area has come in and helped and I really appreciate that."