Women and Politics: More Important than Ever

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The importance of women in politics.  This year we are seeing for the first time in America's rich history, a woman presidential candidate.

Many people believe Senator Hillary Clinton's Arkansas win was important for millions of American women.

"The reason I think it was important for her to win was for the rest of the country to realize that we do appreciate Hillary Clinton." said state representative Joan Cash.

But the presidential nomination is up for grabs, with the possibility of history being made in another direction.

Saturday at Western Sizzlin', the Craighead County Democratic Women met to discuss the importance of women in politics.

Nancy Nelms, the Craighead County Clerk, talked to us about women wanting to run for office and the importance of the female vote.

"It's so important for a woman to take that opportunity to better herself, to teach people that our voice counts and a woman running for office has to work twice as hard as a man."

Former Gubernatorial candidate Jimmie Lou Fisher says there are questions when it comes to women who aren't involved.

"I think they're afraid they might not be as informed as they should be.  They may not know what they have to do and a lot of people really think that it's a complicated process."  said Fisher.

The Democratic Women believe they should reach out and help.

"It's like swimming.  You have to get in the water so I encourage these young ladies to get involved with politics."

These women all have one objective, and that is to get more and more women involved with the political process.

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