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Some of us will see a wintry mix today but most in Region 8 will have a few showers at least.  Temperatures will be chilly.  Chris Castleman will have the full forecast at 5 a.m. on Good Morning Region 8.

A Region 8 business owner is waking up on the defense today following a weekend nightclub shooting.  It all went down after 18-year old Jason White allegedly fired seven shots at the Envisions Night Club in Jonesboro on Sunday, hitting one person who wasn't seriously injured.  The owner, Reggie Prunty, says he does not sell alcohol to those under 21 but 18-year olds are allowed inside.  He says, "I made sure the door was locked and I remained out there with him.  I don't understand why I should be drug through the mud."  If the ABC board finds Envision at

Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates says that these kinds of things don't happen that often, though.  "Our incidents at private clubs have almost become non-existent.  Incidents like this are very rare now compared to the way it could have been a few years ago."  Yates also says the club was operating in compliance with city ordinances.

The road to recovery continues this morning in Sharp, Randolph, Stone and Izard Counties.  In Sharp County, FEMA has opened a disaster recovery center in Ash Flat for storm victims. Officials say that non-perishable food items and money donations are still needed.  Hospital personnel who work at the Stone County Medical Center will be transferred to another hospital so that they aren't out of work.

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