Weekend Shooting has Nightclub Owner on the Defense

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Reggie Prunty says he did all he could to stop one young man from shooting at people inside his North Jonesboro nightclub Envision.

"They got one night to show their butt, and that's what they did," said Prunty, of the man police suspect fired seven shots into the club, located on Johnson Ave.

Jonesboro police say 18-year-old Jason White fired into the club while in the parking lot at 1:45 a.m. on Sunday.  One person was shot, who's since been released from the hospital.

Police Chief Mike Yates says the ABC board will investigate whether White received alcohol while inside Envision.

Prunty says he won't sell to anyone under 21, but he does allow 18 year-olds to come into his nightclub.

"I made sure the door was locked and I remained out there with him.  I don't understand why I should be drug through the mud," he said.

Yates says Prunty was in compliance with the current city ordinance, which calls for a 2 a.m. shut down of all private clubs.

It's been in place for a little less than a year and Yates says even though one shooting is one too many, overall, "...our incidents at private clubs have almost become non-existent.  Incidents like this are very rare now compared to the way it could have been a few years ago."

Prunty says other club owners would agree, "It don't matter if you're white, black, red or blue. If you have trouble socializing with people, stay home."

If Envision is found to be at fault by the ABC Board, there could be a range of penalties applied to the owner, from a warning to the revocation of their liquor license.

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