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Paragould, AR

14 Arrested in Greene County Cockfighting Ring

PARAGOULD, AR - Fourteen people have been arrested in Greene County after authorities say the broke up a cockfighting ring Sunday.  The 14 were arrested on charges of suspicion of animal cruelty.

According to the sheriff's office, officers got a tip that roosters were being fought on property owned by Jerry Johnston.  Officers found two badly injured roosters inside a ring designed for cockfighting.  The roosters had metal spurs, which are commonly used in cockfighting.

Officers also found six roosters in cages and four dead roosters on the property.

The sheriff's office says the 58-year-old Johnston admitted he fights roosters but said he doesn't fight them on his property.  He said he takes them to other states, including Louisiana.  Cockfighting was banned in Louisiana last year.

Cockfighting is a misdemeanor in Arkansas.

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