Weather Hinders Cleanup for some Storm Victims

HIGHLAND, AR (KAIT) -- The road to recovery for some tornado victims is hampered by the cold and rain.  Many storm victims are still working to collect belongings from what used to be their homes.  Those efforts are being slowed by the rain and ice which is causing more problems.

Leon Garner is sorting through his sister's belongings in what last week was her house.  He said he's used to disaster having survived multiple hurricanes in Florida.

"The damage of the tornado here seems to explode the house and take the roofs off.  It sucks the contents out of the house and leaves far more devastation than the hurricane that we experienced in Florida," said Garner.

Icicles are hanging where the roof should be in bedrooms and in the kitchen.

"It rained pretty hard here and it's kind of frozen over inside," said Garner.

As Garner and his family try to clean up and remove belongings they are dealing with icy wet floors.

"We put out some throw rugs and other pieces so it wouldn't be as slippery to get around the house," said Garner.

With the below freezing temperatures, Garner said he hasn't seen anybody out cleaning up their property. With the rain throughout the day, it's hard to imagine many will be cleaning up.

"I think it certainly wouldn't have a deterrent to people coming out in this cold icy weather to try to do cleanup," said Garner.

Garner said his sister is not living in the home and luckily no one was inside when the storm hit.  The home is a total loss so any water damage it is getting will not hurt anything.  They plan to tear the house down soon.