Wild Ride in Randolph County

RANDOLPH COUNTY (KAIT) - Richard and Lisa Overton moved from Florida to Randolph County six months ago.  In Florida you have time to get away from a hurricane.  Last Tuesdays tornadoes came quickly with no chance to run.

The night of the Super Tuesday tornadoes will live long in the mind of Lisa Overton.

On that particular evening her husband Richard was watching election returns on the satellite and Lisa was upstairs. Suddenly the outside air took on an ominous feel.

Overton, "Richard felt something not right and asked me to go down stairs and I didn't make it. I didn't even make it out of the room."

The tornado ripped down over the ridge their house sits on

It was like Dorothy out of The Wizard of Oz. Lisa was in that room when the tornado hit.

Overton, "On the second floor on that part on the left on back of the house. Yeah so when it came direct to me I feel the house moving and then falling down."

The ground level of the house was blasted apart but the top floor with Lisa in it was lifted intact, rotated ninety degrees and dropped about 20 feet from the foundation.

Lisas husband Richard barely made it to safety in the basement.

Overton, "He was just sitting there watching tv and Richard barely made it to the second or third step of the stairs."

Did you feel the house moving? " Yes, I see the window direct to me and then move the house and the falling down. I can feel that."

Lisa says she is black and blue all over and was still a little stiff as we walked around the house.  And as we looked around at what is left of the house and the destroyed home that stood next door Lisa again lived the moment.

How long do you think it lasted? "1 or 2 seconds. 1 or 2 seconds? yes."

Like most survivors Lisa lived with intense fear and then relief.

Overton, "I think I will smash too go to smash it cause it was so quick, but suddenly the wind gone, the falling down."

Lisa and her husband are unsure what they will do. For now they are renting a house and will decide whether to rebuild or not later.  The one thing they have already purchased is a weather warning radio.