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Lincoln Notes Benefits for Veterans in Stimulus Package

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln says the economic stimulus package signed today by President Bush could have helped more people.  But Lincoln says she took pride that the bill included her amendment to qualify 250,000 veterans for the tax rebates.

Lincoln says that she had pushed the Finance Committee to add her amendment to the stimulus bill to allow disability income from the Veterans Administration to qualify for the rebate.

Checks could go out as soon as May for $600 for individual taxpayers and $1,200 for joint tax filers.  The IRS will add an additional $300 per child.  People earning at least $3,000 and those who owe little or no taxes would get $300 for singles, $600 for couples.  Those making more than $75,000 and couples with income exceeding $150,000 are to get smaller rebates, $50 less per $1,000 they make over those thresholds.

The package also includes seniors living on Social Security and veterans whose sole income is their disability checks, the group Lincoln sought to include.

The package also will give business tax breaks for investments in new equipment and new plants.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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