A Safe Room In Your House

JONESBORO (KAIT) - Could you be safe in your house during a tornado? Do you know where the safest place in your house is?

Keith Boles and Meteorologist Sarah Tipton share a few tips on being safe in your home during severe weather.

In Region 8 we're very lucky to have advance warning from the storm systems coming through , like the ones we had a week ago Tuesday. There were some fatalities but not as many as there could have been and very few injuries. Why? because a lot of people took time to be safe in their houses. So we wanted to show you today what happens if I don't have a storm shelter or I don't have a safe room. Where can I go in my house to be safe.

In evaluating you're storm safe place you want to avoid windows. Because windows mean broken and flying glass.

You're watching TV, listening to the radio. There's a tornado coming. I'm gonna run outside and turn off the gas right? nope, you may not have time, you may be caught outside, sta inside, be safe.

No matter what you've heard, about where you need to be whether the Southwest corner of your basement or the Southern most wall. Forget that you still need to remember if there's a wall to the outside flying debris, a two by four can penetrate even a solid brick wall.

In case of a tornado or even a severe thunderstorm, you don't want to be upstairs. Cmon down stairs to the ground floor or the basement if you have one.

Hallways and bathrooms come to mind when people think of their storm safe place. A hallway is a pretty good if it puts 2 walls between you and the outside.

A small hallway is probably the best place to be in this house. It puts 2 walls between you and the outside on either side of you. Also it's a good time to think about covering up with a comforter, blankets or pillows that's going to shield you from flying debris such as broken glass and small branches.

The house we looked at has a built in safe room. It has a 2in thick oak door, it's steel reinforced concrete room. In the room  always keep a flashlight, make sure you always take your cell phone and  keep a radio so you  can listen to the radio, TV and national weather service and just in case the power goes out  have a supply of emergency candles and don't forget the matches.

A safe room in a new build will cost from two to five thousand extra depending on size. To add one on besides being pricey will be difficult.

Bob Troutt, builder, "It will take a great deal of ripping out and tearing down. That kind of thing. The very best way to put in a safe room is to start from a slab and that means start from the very beginning with a safe room."

Your best option is either a storm cellar in the yard or go through your house and pick the best location to keep you safe.

The state offers a rebate up to a thousand dollars for installing a safe room or storm shelter.

For details on this rebate and storm safety tips click on the links with this story