Nightclub At Risk Of Losing Liquor License Following Weekend Shooting


Police say 18-year-old Jason White is suspected of firing shots while in the parking lot of Envision, located on Johnson Ave.

One of them hit an innocent bystander who was inside the club at the time.

That person's been released from the hospital and White's been arrested but it's the club that's now under fire by the ABC board.

In a recording of White's interview with Jonesboro Police detective Mike Branscum, 18-year-old White says he was served alcohol while inside Envision.

In an interview Region 8 news conducted Monday, club owner Reginald Prunty denies his club sells to minors.

One underage confidenatial informant told police, "It's like everyone buys drinks, all underage kids, people under 21. People bring their own liquor in there."

According to city police chief Mike Yates, three more charges have been leveled at Envision by the ABC board:

Maintaining a disorderly house, allowing underage people in when no food service is available, and serving alcohol to people underage.

So, what will the ABC board do?

"It'll be up to them," said Yates."I could forsee anything from probating their license to a suspension, to possibly a revocation. I would be surprised if it's just a warning."

Region 8 News did speak with Prunty over the phone. We asked him about the three newest charges brought against him. He said he didn't want to comment and from now on we will need to contact his attorney.

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