How Did You Meet Your Valentine?


"I met my husband Ken at Winn Dixie in Fort Walton Beach, Florida  where we both were employed. He worked  in the back i and I was the front end cashier. I was still in high school and this was Ken's second job besides being enlisted in the Air Force. We met by accident and would feud with each other and finally one day I asked him a question back in the employees brake room about school work and he helped me out and ever since we had been friends. He moved to another store a few months later and my family moved after I graduated from high school around that area and I had to go and get a few things for my mom and I had asked If he was working and by chance he was working overtime. We talked for a few minutes and thought it would be nice to see a movie and from then on it was love a first sight. We married a few months later and will be married 10 years this year in July and we have 4 wonderful children and hoping on adding another one in the future. Honey I love you for everything you are.  Happy Valentine's day to my wonderful husband Ken. From your wife  Sarah M. Lamkin"

Submitted by Sarah M. Lamkin

"My husband Billy and I have been married for almost 14 years.  We have a wonderful 11 year old daughter.  I met my husband when I was 15 and he was 17.  He was sitting in a car with his girlfriend in the Sears parking lot.  I was "in town" with Tommy, my boyfriend of several months.  Tommy and Billy were running buddies so when Tommy saw them he pulled into talk. We got out and as we walked towards their car, the first words that Billy said to me were "Hey, you aren't the same girl he was with last night!" 

We were married a little over two years later."

Submitted by Dana Thomas of Pleasant Plains, AR

"I met my Valentine, Dennis, at the video counter of a local grocery store, where I was working weekends after separating from my husband.  Dennis rented more movies than anyone I've ever known!  He always had a joke and a smile when he came into the store, and if I tried to hide in the office so I could get some work done, he'd tap on the window and wave to say hello.  We started dating after the details of my divorce had been worked out, and got married after the divorce was finalized.  How could I refuse when he offered to take my last name (so my daughter -from a previous relationship - and I would still have the same name)? 

We celebrated our second anniversary in October and will celebrate our son's first birthday in June.  He's the best thing that ever happened to me, and he says he waited 'nearly 40 years' to find the right woman.  My daughter has said more than once that, "Dennis just fits," with us.  I can easily see still feeling like a newlywed ten years down the road."

Submitted by Denise Evans of Williford, AR

"My wife (Vickey) and I met in a nursing home when she was 12 and I was 15! It was her great aunt's birthday and our youth group from church was visiting her as well.  I knew that day I would marry her.  We married when she was 17 and I was 20, but I made her parents a promise that she would finish school.  She did.  We will be married 33 years March 8."

Submitted by Mike Ring

"I actually met my mate at my grandmothers funeral. Our parents talked about getting us together for a long time. My uncle introduced me to her dad(for the first time)as my future father-in-law. It went on like this for about 3 years. Then at my grandmothers funeral we were introduced to each other and basically been together ever since."

Submitted by Crystal Lynxwiler

Hi, my name is Diana Wilson and  I am engaged to a wonderful person Jason Fraser of Bono.  We met at Cord Charlette at H and H (Huff's Rodeo) Rodeo on September 6th of 2004. We met through an old friend, Candy Huff.  At this very same rodeo ground on July 1 2005, he asked me if I would marry him and I said yes and we have been together ever since then and we have a beautiful little girl that is 2 years old who's name is Kristina.

Submitted by Diane Wilson