What is The Fate of Valentine's Day Gifts

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Valentine's Day is known for the flowers, candy, and cards that are given out by the thousand but what happens to these things after the big day has passed?

"Usually I keep it up for a couple of days and then I put it up and I loose it," said Crystal Elrod.

"Cards I normally keep for a week and then I throw them away.  Flowers, well, they die and I throw them away," said Tiffany Manuel.

Hallmark is always very busy during this time of year and even the store's owner knows most things he sells won't make it long after they are opened.

"I think a lot of stuff gets put on the top shelf of closets and left for long periods of time.  I know my wife has a full closet of stuff," said Walter Brunkworst.

"I keep it out for a while so my fiancé can see it then I put it in a scrapbook," said Clint Morris.

So, why go to all the trouble of picking out that Valentine's Day gift knowing what will eventually happen to it?

"It's all the thought that counts.  If we didn't get these gifts then they would think we didn't love them," said

Venoket Teseawn Mosley.

On average about $13.8 Billion is spent every year on Valentine's Day gifts.