Have A Heart


The wishathon started early Friday morning before dawn.  As the sun rose over region 8 we hit the streets, and the airwaves, and as always Region 8 responded.

Trey Stafford, Triple FM Group - People respond in Northeast Arkansas when they are presented with the evidence of a need. And over and over that happens and it's so easy with make a wish these kids that march in here one after another who have had a wish granted, it changed their life when they were going through a difficult time it's a very easy sell. "

One of the really great things about the wishathon is the people you get to meet. Like former wish recipient Kendra Street and her mom Marshia Bobo.

Kendra and her mom are both volunteering as a way to say thanks.

Street, "It's a challenge and a great honor to be out here and give back to my community as they gave to grant a wish when my wish was granted. "

To some, granting a wish may be seen simply as giving a seriously ill child a trip. To Kendra it's much, much, more.

Street, "It's more like a therapy, you're able to escape just from the hospital. What ever your situation whether it's cancer like I had or if it's some other type of illness. It's just constant doctors, needles, medicine. It was an opportunity to just get away from those things. Focus on something positive in life."

And so Region 8 again you have stepped up to the plate and given generously for such an important need.

Stafford, "Make a wish and what they do in northeast Arkansas is critical. It raises the money that allows them to grant these wishes, month after month throughout the year. Without the money raised today there is no make a wish. "

Street, "It really is part of I think part of your therapy. It's part of your healing process. "

If you think your child my be eligible for a wish, or you know a child that might be eligible contact the make a wish foundation at 888-376-WISH.