Missouri's Fight to Halt Meth Production at Risk

KANSAS CITY, MO - Missouri's anti-meth program is in the middle of one of many budget disagreements.  The outcome is important for Missouri, where more than 20 percent of all meth lab busts nationwide are made.

The Kansas City Star reports today that the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program is the major source of funding to fight meth in Missouri.  The highway patrol says if Missouri loses the $9 million it gets from the program, current efforts would fold.

President Bush has proposed adding $30 million to the program for 2009, which would mean a total budget of $200 million.  That's one-third of the amount sought by Missouri Republican Senator Kit Bond.

Lawmakers opposing major increases think the program has too little oversight.

In 2007, Missouri police raided 1,285 meth labs.  The state with the next highest number, Indiana, raided 620 labs.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)