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Expect chilly temperatures today, though we should stay above freezing.  Upper 40s will be the highs around Region 8 with the chance of wintry precipitation over the next two days.  Chris Castleman will have the details on Good Morning Region 8.

A federal fugitive was arrested in Trumann and now, more than 40 pounds of marijuana is off the street.  Robert Gerald Britton is behind bars after police found the drugs in his possession.  He had been in a halfway house a month ago in Texas but reports say he left.  He was then serving 7 years for drug and stolen car charges.  Drug Task Force, state police, JPD's PROWL unit and Truman PD aided US Marshals in the bust.

Governor Mike Beebe says the federal government is embarrassed itself by buying homes with high levels of formaldehyde.  Now, he wants quick testing of the mobile structures from FEMA before victims of the Arkansas tornadoes begin to receive the trailers.  The trailers have been sitting at the Hope Airport since FEMA purchased them to aid Katrina victims in 2005.  FEMA says only the safe trailers will be distributed.

Jonesboro police say 7 ASU rugby players were arrested at a weekend party that got out of hand but their coach says only three of his players were taken into police custody.  Curt Huckaby admits that 19 year old Blake White, 20 year old Neil Harris and 21 year old Benericco Naiveli were arrested on drug charges and fleeing arrest, but the JPD report states all suspects arrested were rugby players.  Regardless, 7 individuals were arrested.

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