Sierra Club Targets Firm Building Power Plant in Osceola

OSCEOLA, AR - The company building a large $1.3 billion power plant near Osceola is the target of a campaign by the Sierra Club.

According to a release from the Sierra Club, it "is mounting a major grassroots campaign in Arkansas and elsewhere around the U.S. to urge Dynegy to abandon its plans to become 'Coal-Fired Power Polluter #1' and, instead, move its investments into cleanery energy solutions."  Dynegy is also known as LS Power, which in 2006 broke ground on the Plum Point Energy Station on a 1,000 acre site on the Mississippi River near Osceola.

The plant is expected to be used to crush coal as fuel to generate electricity.  Construction is not expected to be completed until 2010.  The facility is expected to serve a multi-state area, including Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri Oklahoma and Texas.  Several Region 8 municipalities have have signed on to partner with LS Power in the project, including Jonesboro, Osceola, Piggott, Kennett, Malden and Poplar Bluff.