Traffic Backs up Stadium, with no Solution in Sight

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- There are certain times of day that many roads in Region 8 are busy but one highway in particular is always filled.  Stadium Boulevard is one of the main arteries through the city of Jonesboro and because of that it is a big draw for new businesses.

"I think it's going to take a long time to fix it but the growth has been tremendous," said a Jonesboro resident.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission has conducted multiple traffic flow studies.  Last year the idea of a continuous flow intersection was raised and that's something the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is looking at.

The intersection of Highland and Stadium is one of only five that's made it to the second phase of review for a continuous flow intersection.  At this point, there's no cost estimate or even money available to make that happen.

"There is no funding at this time nor is there any project program at this time," said District 10 Engineer Joe Barnett.

"We are talking with the city officials and state officials but there is no project yet but there could be one coming," said Muhammad Ulkarim.

There are hundreds of projects throughout the state that need to be done, but the state says there is only funding for a few of them.  With no funding there will be no green light for this project.

"It's a proven fact that it would improve the traffic flow.  It's just the matter of is this a high enough prority that you'd want to pursue it," said Barnett.

And with no current solution for these drivers many may start looking for a different way.