Neighbors Fight Planned Retirement Community, Council Holds Vote

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- It was a packed house at Tuesday night's Jonesboro City Council. The reason, a proposed rezoning request submitted to the city by Double Hill LLC that involves a 30-acre plot of land that the developers say would be turned into Phase I of a multi-phase retirement community.

Some who live in the nearby Sage Meadows subdivision oppose the development, as well as some nearby landowners. Rodger Kiser's family owns a 65-acre farm that backs up to the proposed development site.

His concerns revolve around a suspicion ownership of the development could change. "They could sell it and somebody could put 50-foot apartment buildings in there and nobody could say anything about it," said Kiser. "I have a right and our family has a right to maintain our livelihood as farmers and ranchers and tenders of the soil that God has given us the right to take care of."

Other areas of concern for those in opposition, traffic, possible drainage issues and even potential for a lessening in property values.

All issues that will be taken a close look at over the next couple of weeks before the issue is set to come before the council once again.

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