When A T-Shirt Isn't Just a T-Shirt: Teen Reaches Out to Storm Victims

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "I designed this T-shirt to help the tornado victims."

Words from Jonesboro High School senior Molly Brown, who is determined to make a difference.

She's putting what she's learning in the Jonesboro Area Technical Center's advertising design class to good use.

Brown, "The idea came to me to make a T-shirt and to sell it, and give the money to them for relief efforts."

Molly wanted to go to storm battered areas herself and lend a hand but because she couldn't miss school, she couldn't go.   So these T-shirts are her way of doing her part to make the road to recovery for storm victims a little smoother.

"They'll remember these cities that were devastated by the tornadoes and what a great job we've all done coming together to help them recover." says Brown.

"She goes Mr. D, check this out!  And this is what she showed me." said instructor Bill Drake.

Bill Drake is Molly's teacher.   He was impressed by Molly's design, but not surprised by Molly's determination to help.

"To think that she would want to do something to help others like this is really amazing." says Drake.

Drake admits both he and Molly are little overwhelmed by the buzz these shirts are already creating, but he says it's a challenge they are both ready to face head on.

Drake, "We may just have to devote our time and effort to the needs of the storm victims. Something like this is really amazing that it would come out of the mind of just a sweet and perfect 18 year old."

"If you're walking down the street and someone looks at you from behind, they'll know what your talking about and it's not just a list of cities." adds Molly.

And thanks to Molly's innovation, it's not just a T-shirt either.