Highland Cleanup Continues, In Missouri

BILLMORE, MO(KAIT) - Even though the storms of early February are long over, the debris removal from highland still goes on, sometimes many miles and a state away.

The morning after the Super Tuesday storms, Junior Roberts turned into a collector.

"First thing in the morning when I went out to do my feeding this was laying by the cattle guard. This heavy metal and well I thought this is going to be an interesting day."

He has gathered a pile and is still finding more.

"Then I went to drive over this pasture and all these pieces laying together and insulation everywhere. These curtains was up in a tree right here by the pond."

As we drove around his eleven hundred acres we keft finding more and more things that were quickly removed because of fear of injuring his cattle herd. Junior says that even after two weeks he is still finding sheet metal and pieces of siding.

Down by the creek we found a roof, or rather part of a roof, up a tree about sixty feet in the air.

"That is part of a roof off a barn or some type of building with about 5 or 6 layers of sheet nailed to a frame of two by fours."

Everywhere we went on the farm, pieces of insulation and other objects including some reciepts from a window and door store in Highland, pictures and a canceled check from Mountain View.

Roberts is still amazed with how far the debris probably traveled to wind up on his property.

"What  gets me is how far ir packed it. They tell me that stuff was forty thousand feet in the air 

  And just in case you're wondering how far the debris went, Billmore is about 60 miles north of Highland.