Non-Profit Organizations Suffer More with Higher Gas Prices

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) -- For the past several years gas prices have gotten higher and higher.  Now that prices have topped $3 a gallon most of us are going to have to find other ways to cut costs so we can pay the price at the pump.

Unfortunately one of those ways for us to make up the price we pay will be to cut the help we give to groups who need it.

Mission Outreach in Paragould is one of several non-profit organizations in Region 8 that depends on donations to exist.  Over the past several years they have already seen a shift in the support they've been getting.

"We have a number of churches that support us, however we've had some churches say, 'we're sorry, we're having to drop our support', because support through their parishioners is dropping because they're feeling the effects as well," said Jamie Collins.

Collins said she already is expecting to take a huge hit because of the rising prices of fuel.

"Last year rising gas prices caused us to go over budget by almost $1,000 and it's continuing to increase this year," said Collins.

In the past Mission Outreach could buy canned food for 17 cents a pound, now they are getting it for almost forty cents a pound.

Over 80% of the people they serve at Mission Outreach are elderly and disabled and their situations are not going to change.

However, as gas prices go up so will just about everything else.  It may mean more people will be looking for assistance from organizations like Mission Outreach.