Arkansas Diesel Prices Hit New Record Highs

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The average price of diesel fuel in Arkansas set a new record today at $3.45 a gallon, up 18 cents from a month ago.

The AAA says that today's average price broke a record set just two days earlier, at $3.41 a gallon.  The previous record of $3.37 was set in November.

The national average for a gallon of diesel was $3.54, also setting a record.

Users of unleaded gas also are seeing higher prices.  The national average today for a gallon of unleaded gas was $3.11, up 14 cents from a month ago.

In Arkansas, that average was $3.07 a gallon, up 16 cents from a month ago.  The state's record for unleaded gas, $3.18 a gallon, was set May 22, 2007.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)