Offbeat: Pigapalooza

February 25, 2008---Posted at 9:45 a.m. CST

LAWRENCE CO., AR--Lisa Hulen loves pigs!  She loves the real thing and the not so real thing, and has made it her mission to collect anything and everything that has something to do with pigs.

25 years ago her husband brought home a couple of porcelin pigs and the collection has grown from there.  She now has more than 350 pig items and no two are the same.  She has porcelin, ceramic, glass, stuffed, paper, copper, steel, and plastic pigs.   Her collection has migrated into what used to be her son's room, but is now referred to as the "funny farm."  It's all but full, so some now the swine are taking over other parts of the house including her bedroom and kitchen.

Hulen says she has purchased some of her collection, but the bulk of her hog hysteria has come from gifts.  Everybody that knows Lisa, usually gives her something swine when it comes gift giving time, and that's the way she likes it.  Lisa says her husband gives her a hard time about the collection, but she claims he's into it just as much as she is.

Lisa says as long as there are piggy products to collect, she'll continue to keep her eye out for something new to add to her collection.