Morning Apartment Fire In East Jonesboro

JONESBORO (KAIT) - An apartment fire this morning in East Jonesboro destroyed one apartment.

Terry Talley was in his apartment when a neighbor knocked on his door to tell him about a fire in the building behind him at 2104 Kathleen.

"I came out my back door and there were already flames coming out the window, the roof and the heat knocked me back as soon as I opened the door up."

He called 911.

"They said we have a truck en route, no as a matter of fact there is fire department on scene. So they got here pretty quick."

JFD Battalion Chief Alan Dunn, "We received a call for a structure fire in an apartment at 9:17, had units on the scene at 9:22"

Firefighters were able to gain entrance quickly to the apartment and knock down the blaze.

Dunn, "We do have heavy damage to one apartment with smoke and heat at least smoke damage to one other apartment."

The heat was so intense it was beginning to melt the siding on another building about 25 feet away.

Looking at the interior damage it's amazing that more of the building was not destroyed.

Dunn, "We're fortunate that in this particular apartment they had a firewall all the way to the roof line, so it stopped the fire from going to the other at least in the attic part of the structure from going from one end to the other."

The apartment did have a resident but she was not home at the time of the fire.

And as of now, the Fire Marshall told us that he believes the fire to be accidental.