ASU PD: Two Suspects in Weekend On-Campus Shooting

JONESBORO, AR - Campus police at Arkansas State University have a couple of suspects in mind in the weekend shooting that grazed the leg of a student.  Chief James Chapman says his office has been doing interviews since the Saturday shooting on a parking lot at NorthPark Quads, and he hopes to wrap up the investigation.  Chapman says the shooting apparently stemmed from "some sort of an altercation" at a party at an armory earlier in the evening.

Shots were fired from a vehicle, and either a bullet fragment or a piece of gravel hit the left leg of student Alfred Louis, who was on the lot.  Louis, an offensive lineman for the ASU football team, was treated at a Jonesboro hospital and released.  Police say he was not the target of the shooter.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)