Latest in ASU Weekend Shooting

STATE UNIVERSITY (KAIT)- "It is pretty scary. When I heard about it, I was like, oh my gosh. I didn't know what to think," said student  Jake Davis.

Students on ASU's campus are reacting Monday to a weekend shooting that sent football player Alfred Louis to the hospital with a possible gunshot to the leg.

"Usually we are out late at night, coming and going. So, it was kind of scary. We walk by that door all the time. There's always people hanging out in front of the door," said student Mallory Meyers.

The incident first started at the National Guard Armory just off of campus where a party was being thrown and an altercation started. Then, that altercation moved across campus to campus housing where things got a little out of control.

Campus police say shots were fired in the parking lot of the North Park Quad Apartments just off Johnson Avenue.

Police have recovered shell casings, but it's still unsure if that's what hit Louis.

"We're not happy with the whole situation in any means, but I think we are very very fortunate that nobody was more seriously injured than what they were," said Police Chief Jim Chapman.

He says as soon as they were notified they went door to door and notified residents who were still awake of what happened.

On Monday flyers could be found posted around campus warning of the incident.

"I think the school did a good job. I knew about it the next day after it happened," said Meyers.

However, others feel there wasn't enough notification.

"I would have like to have been notified by the emergency text thing. That would have been cool," said student Jacob Dorman.

Campus police say the texting system wasn't used because they didn't see a threat.

"As far as them being targeted or other students safety being compromised, I don't think it was," said Chapman.

But isolated incident or not, some feel their safety could have been compromised.

"I think it could have been a big threat because I have friends that live in Arkansas Hall, and I heard that the guy went from over in North Park to Arkansas Hall and their could have been a worse fight over there," said Dorman.

Meanwhile, campus police have been interviewing witnesses throughout the weekend and now have two possible suspects in connection with the shooting.

Louis was released from the hospital and returned to class on Monday.

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