A New Set of Pajamas Helps Region 8's Young Storm Victims

MOUNTAIN VIEW, AR (KAIT) -- Sixty-four homes and businesses are listed as completely destroyed in the Mountain View area.  Many families are now left with little to no belongings, but a Region 8 based program is making a difference in the lives of some of these children.

"Most people would think, 'A pair of pajamas?  What good would that do a child?'" said Jen Vincent.

For about 40 kids who lost their homes in the tornado in Stone County, getting something new meant just for them means a lot.

"Our whole neighborhood was destroyed.  We were building our new house and it got wiped out,' said Tyler Bonds.

"A little bit is still standing but all that is mainly left is walls and trees falling in.  Most of my stuff that was found is in shreds," said Steven Roberts.

Having no home also means having no clothing.  That's where the Pajama Project comes in supplying each child with a new set of pajamas.

"To see them loose everything and have so many people out in the community and even the state to come out and care and provide things for them, it means everything," said Mountain View Elementary Counselor Sherry Johnson.

"It's very nice of people to bring pajamas so we'll feel comforted by their love," said Cierra Stanley.

"I think it's great.  I think it really is great because a lot of these pajamas might suit a lot of kids like me," said Roberts.

Jen Vincent is the Arkansas President for the Pajama Project and wants each of the kids to get what they need.

"To see the looks on these kids faces as they go through those huge boxes of pajamas and pick out the pair that they want made my day," said Vincent.

"Their faces tell it all.  They are so excited just knowing people care," said Johnson.

But even with all it can do, the pajamas won't fix everything.  All of these kids have other needs too.

"A lot of them need clothing and shoes.  You can't have enough.  They still have just the basic needs," said Johnson.

There were enough pajamas brought to Mountain View that the kids were even allowed to pick out a pair to take home to mom dad brothers and sisters.