New York Drops Felony Charge Against Former Jonesboro Alderman

NEW YORK, NY - Former Jonesboro alderman Alec Farmer had a felony firearm charge against him dismissed today in New York's Queens County Court, in a legal procedure known as "Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal."

Early last month, Farmer was arrested after he attempted to check an unloaded firearm with his luggage at New York's LaGuardia Airport.  But the weapon was not registered in New York, making it a violation of the law.  Farmer was arrested and spent 32 hours in the Queens Borough Detention Center before being released.

Under today's legal procedure, a reduced misdemeanor possession of firearm charge will remain on the books for six months.  If Farmer is not charged with any other violations in that time span, the misdemeanor charge will be dismissed as well.  Under this procedure, Farmer is not required to pay any criminal or civil fine and is not required to admit any wrongdoing.

"Obviously, I'm glad that this issue is behind me and I'm looking forward to turning my attention to more pressing issues at home in Jonesboro," said Farmer, who is considering a run for mayor.  Farmer also said he appreciated the "hundreds" of comments, calls, e-mails and letters of support he has received, as well as "good-natured ribbing."  "Believe it or not, more good has come from this than bad.  I've heard from old friends, I'm closer with my family and friends, and it's definitely given me a little different perspective on things," he added.