Exclusive: Nico Cox Speaks Out About His Arrest

NEWPORT (KAIT)- On Friday nights Newport's senior running back, Nico Cox, could often be found running for the end zone.

But his recent run in with the law could change that as he tries to get ready for college.

"There is a lot of people out there that don't like you. They don't want to see you succeed. I just don't know why somebody would go out there and say that I pistol-whipped them and shot in the air. I ain't did nothing like that," said Cox.

But according to a Newport Police Report, Cox was involved in a fight that left one victim with a laceration to the head after being pistol whipped.

Police believed Cox was in possession of the gun.

"According to the victim and the witnesses, he fired a few rounds into the air," said Detective Seargent Patrick Weatherford.

But Cox says he wasn't even armed.

"I didn't have no gun on me. You know what I'm sayin? I wasn't even fighting. They said I had an aggravated assault, when I wasn't even fighting," said Cox.

But he admitted that the incident on the 20th was spawned from a fight he was involved in the day before.

In video captured by a student, you can see Cox in a fist-fight outside Newport High School.

He claims the next day, the guy was back for more.

"He ran and swung on my cousin. They got to fighting. I wasn't even fighting. And my friend told me to come on, and I left," said Cox.

But whether he left or not, Cox is now charged with aggravated assault and aggravated riot -- two charges that he wishes would go away.

"I got too much going on for myself. So, why am I gonna go to Crossroads just to pistol-whip or have a gun, or shoot, or whatever they said I was doing. I got too much going for myself, so why would I jeopardize that," asked Cox.

Cox bonded out of the Jackson County Detention Center over the weekend.

Since that time, he's been visiting other schools around the state in hopes of still graduating this spring.

We are also told that over the weekend, the kitchen in Cox and his mother's home caught fire.

Fire officials say it was faulty wiring, but Cox and his mother believe someone started it intentionally.

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