Sales Taxes Still Being Collected On Bono Lake Project


Some Craighead County businesses failed to collect or pay a one cent sales tax from October through December that will go to fund the Bono Lake Project.

In 2007, the county received $3,796,539 for the months of October, November and December, while the year prior, one penny in the same time frame resulted in a total of $3,814,731, which amounts to a projected shortfall for the county of a little more than $18,191 in total sales tax collected on that one cent those three months.

"I think it's a good thing for the area and the community," said Don Scruggs, Egypt mayor and business owner, of the Project. "I was glad to see it pass."

Scruggs forgot to pay the tax and admits the fault is his own but he says there was no malicious intent on his part.

"I let it slip my mind as I'm sure several other business owners in the county have done," said Scruggs. "The pre-printed form from the state said one percent on it and that's what I paid."

Scruggs then got a letter from the state saying he still owed another one percent plus a penalty for each month he failed to pay the one cent tax.

Craighead County Judge Dale Haas says he's gotten good news this week from engineers, who say, the material for construction on the dam can come from on-site, which Haas says could mean considerable cost savings.

"I believe and have confidence that it will cover the $18,000 shortfall," said Haas.

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