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Temperatures continue to warm up but we will probably see rainfall before Friday is over.  Chris Castleman will have the full forecast on Good Morning Region 8.

The Indian mascot has been a part of ASU tradition for the last 77 years but tonight, it will officially be retired.  ASU will retire the Indian mascot at halftime of the men's basketball game with Louisiana-Monroe.  While a new tradition will begin with the "Wolves," the Indian's will keep their "Indian" name until the end of the year.

After being arrested last week following a shooting incident, Newport High School's star football player Nico Cox is out on bond and is speaking out.  The 18-year old says the incident happened after someone was picking a fight with his cousin, but Cox says he didn't get involved in the fight and had no weapons on him.  "I got too much going on for myself.  So, why am I going to go to Crossroads just to pistol-whip or have a gun, or shoot, or whatever they said I was doing.  I got too much going for myself, so why would I jeopardize that?"  Cox has been indefinitely suspended from school.  Police maintain that charges against Cox are accurate.

A felony firearm charge is dismissed against former Jonesboro alderman Alec Farmer.  Farmer won't have to pay any fines and does not have to admit to wrong doing.  Wednesday's legal proceeding will leave a reduced misdemeanor charge on Farmer's record but that will be erased after six months.  Farmer was arrested for bringing a gun and ammunition in the same bag to New York, from Arkansas.  While the gun was completely legal in Arkansas, New York has different laws which made it illegal to carry.

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See the full interview with Nico Cox from Will Carter, as Cox claims he did nothing wrong but was singled out because people don't want him to succeed.

Plus, the Bono Lake project is still at a standstill and some businesses are explaining why they didn't pay the one cent sales tax to fund the project that they were supposed to.

And Hillary Clinton may not be able to pronounce the expected new leader of Russia's name, but Barack Obama is in the same boat.  Jeanne Moos explains.

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