A Day of Farewell to the A-State Indians

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- One thing that Indian fans have a lot of is pride in their team and on Thursday students, alumni and fans spent the day preparing for the final farewell to the Indian family. 

Students and staff gathered to catch a glimpse of the family before they fade away, many savoring a last visit with the iconic family.

"It's just so sad.  It's just really sad and so emotional," said ASU Alum Lynda Hogue.

That's what is being felt by many as we count down to the retirement ceremony for the Indian Family.

"I am going to participate in the half time activities and I am going to try to hold back the tears.  But even when the Indians came around and I talked to them, I noticed I had tears in my eyes," said Hogue.

Hogue has a lot of memories of the Indian family, having spent a lot of time with different members of the family over the years.

"Back in '63 I was a cheerleader here at ASU and my group, along with the music instructor Donald Minx created the fight song.   When I had my picture made with them I did the fight song with them," said Hogue.

For others it is a day of change.

"Today's a sad day, but it's an exciting day at the same time.  I think everybody's sad to see the Indian family go, but at the same time this is a new era for ASU," said Haley Fitzgerald.

"It's a sad time.  It's kind of a time to reflect on how it's been over the last few years, but it also makes me think of a beginning," said Lindsay Weaver.

And while it's not going to be easy for these fans there is a bright side as we look to the future.

"This new class coming in they'll be the first class of the wolves and that will instill pride in them as well. They'll be the first of a new generation," said Fitzgerald.